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About DJ Sime Mobile Disco Hire Yorkshire

Playing Vinyl before learning to talk - About 4All Disco and Karaoke

About 4All Disco and Karaoke. I first started playing my dad’s vinyl records at the age of 3. I think I was destined to become a Mobile DJ I then got my first record player at the age of seven and started playing a lot of my dads 1960's records and was listening to a lot of legendary artist's such as Rolling Stones, Billy Fury, Beach Boys, Hollies, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

At the age of 11, I started buying and building my own record collection, I started a Milk and Paper Round, most of my earnings went on collecting Vinyl. I spent many weekends going to Market Stallholders, record shops and even some car boots to build up my music collection.

DJ SIME MIXING ON DENON DNS3700 DECKS AT HOME About DJ Sime Old Skool Club DJ and Mobile Disco for Hire

About 4All Disco and Karaoke Introduction to Mobile Disco's

When I was 15, I made my mobile DJ debut on Valentine’s Day 1992 at Kippax Clubhouse, I wasn't even booked to play, but my passion to learn and want to be a DJ mixed with a huge record collection, gave me the opportunity to start my DJ career.

I pestered to get a chance on the decks, despite never having played before. Thankfully I was like a duck to water and ended up doing the full night. I then worked there as a mobile DJ for 18 months.

Start of my Mobile DJ Career

I left school in 1992 and took a day job at Abbeycrest Jewellers packing Jewellery, to help me raise money to buy my own equipment. I remember that every Monday lunchtime I would be late back, due to running into Leeds and back to HMV, to obtain the new releases both commercial chart music, underground dance music and student/alternative anthems.

I started performing mobile discos at the end of 1992, which I still currently do, as well as other styles I have learnt over the years.

My biggest investment was going heavily into a music collection that was second to none. I must have spent thousands on 12 inch dance music, especially in House and Euro Dance music.

Keeping up to date with the charts and buying lots of old classics and student alternative anthems.

I also started doing all kinds of functions from christenings to diamond weddings, birthdays to weddings and the list goes on (please see functions section).

I worked as a mobile DJ in lots of different entertainment premises including: Youth Clubs, Hotels, Army Barracks, Pubs, Prisons, Hotels, Clubs, Nightclubs, Community Centres etc...

Karaoke DJ a new detour to end the Millennium

In 1999, due to popular demand I started doing karaoke. I own a large collection of karaoke on original discs including a full Sunfly collection.  To find out a little more about Karaoke Click Here.

I started on a JVC triple CD drawer unit. I now have access to be able to DJ either on CDG or the computer version MP3+G. I have always hand typed my own Karaoke Books, as well as updating & naming my music files & backing up etc.

About 4All Disco and Karaoke


Moving with Modern Technology

In 2002, as technology moved forward, I obtained the first vinyl emulation CD decks the Pioneer CDJ 800. I then duplicated most of my vinyl collection onto CDs. I then started purchasing mostly CDs, with the odd bit of dance music on vinyl.

In 2004 I started expanding and buying spare equipment and running extra venues. I started to employ around 3 to 4 other mobile DJs to rotate work around as and when required.

The biggest priority was making sure that the most suitable mobile DJ was at each job.

About 4All Disco and Karaoke

DJ SIME WITH PREMIUM LIGHT STAND About DJ Sime Mobile Disco for Hire

Latest Music and Equipment

In 2009 I started to do karaoke full time on a Laptop. This enabled me to make it easier for the customer, as well as the DJ. I also regularly keep my CD collection up to date.

In 2010 I got the Denon HD2500, my 1st Multimedia DJ Controller. This is where I play MP3s, but mix the music like CD/vinyl.

The following year I got the Traktor S4 DJ Controller, which links with a laptop and vinyl turntables to give a modern way to mix.

I am always expanding my equipment and music, to make sure I am always at the top of my game.

My recent venture has been to buy an all in one CD/MP3 wireless Pioneer unit (as a reliable back up unit) and a Peavey Mixer with Autotune.

DJ Sime has just completed my past music collection on Vinyl and CD.

In 2017 I purchased a Confetti Cannon to add to my Premium services, I have also completed my Karaoke Collection on MP3+G & CDG.

Christmas 2017, I purchased an Ableton Push 2 Production Controller and a pair of Denon SC5000 Decks.

2018, was spent Working on my New Audio Music collection covering ALL Genres in depth.  I also became independent with my Website and control it totally myself.

Also in 2018: 3 DJ courses to enhance myself as a Digital DJ and start to produce my own remixes have just been signed up for to undertake in 2019.

Also my Wedding Business has gone through the roof.  I have undertaken my 1st FULL Wedding in March 2018.  13 Hours, DJ, MC & PA Provided.

Start of 2019 just obtained a FULL Northern Soul Vinyl Collection.

Christmas bonus money have invested in the First Touchscreen DJ Controller, the Pioneer XDJ RX2

Really excited about 2021.  Still Lots to do & learn.  But I know it will be done.

About 4All Disco and Karaoke


About 4All Disco and Karaoke